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Dental Practise Börse 19

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Precision. Aesthetics. Passion.

With us you will feel comfortable from the first moment on. The dental practice on the Stock Exchange was designed by award-winning interior designers and gives you the stylish, relaxed ambience of a spa lounge.



Quality at the highest level

We offer state-of-the-art therapy concepts and services. Our experienced dentists, excellent specialist assistants and top dental technicians guarantee perfect results in terms of quality and aesthetics.

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In the heart of Frankfurt

Our practice is located in the immediate vicinity of the stock exchange and can be easily reached both by public transport and by car.

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We look forward to meeting you

Would you like to know more? Use our contact form or our online appointment planner to make an appointment without obligation. You can reach us by phone at 069 - 913 947 05.

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Highlights of
our treatment portfolio

Aesthetic dentistry

Beautiful, healthy teeth shape our well-being and leave a positive impression on our fellow human beings.


Fascinating technologies enable modern treatment methods, for better results in shorter time.


White and healthy should be visually appealing teeth, but also straight and without gaps.

Aesthetic dentistry

show your best smile to life

Beautiful teeth are always healthy teeth. That is why we pay special attention to the preservation and carry out aesthetic corrections individually and without damaging the substance. Health risks often also arise in the gums and perfect teeth are not a matter of course. From implants and Venners, to gum and root treatments, we cover all specialist areas. Each area is staffed by a specialist with many years of experience. So that you are always in the best of hands. Dentistry is not a job for us, but a vocation.

Cerec und DVT

High-tech dentistry with digital workflow

The CEREC high-tech system creates a digital impression of your tooth and often produces new veneers, bridges or crowns on the same day. The dental technician models the denture precisely in a 3-D model on the PC, which the fully automatic milling units fabricate from a ceramic block.

Every person is different. With the help of digital volume tomography, we can accurately represent the individual bone structure of your teeth in images. Compared to CT, there is less radiation exposure and we receive high-quality data for decision-making.


at the highest level

There are a number of factors that need to be taken into account for a beautiful set of teeth. Orthodontics creates the basis for perfect rows of teeth on which to build with further measures. In addition to aesthetics, health aspects also play a major role. Inflammations of the gums and diseases of the jaw joints can be prevented at an early stage. To ensure that the treatment is successful in the long term, the expertise of our dentists is incorporated right from the start. Our modern treatment methods are suitable for every age group. From children to adolescents and adults.

The Doctors

Competent and empathetic.

Dr. D. Fischer-Brocks
Aesthetic Dentistry
Dr. Agnetha Pindur
Endodontics, periodontology, laser therapy
Dr. Viktoria Leising
Implantology, periodontology, laser therapy
Dr. Juliane Qualen
Endodontology, Periodontology
Dr. Aaron Feng
Oral surgery, implantology, traumatology
Dr. Cristina Rivella

Dr. D. Fischer-Brocks

Aesthetic dentistry.

Every tooth has a human attached to it. For us, aesthetic, high-quality dentistry and a holistic view of your health therefore belong together. We work exclusively with dental technicians who do outstanding work and use the best materials that do not strain your body. In my team you will find experts for all important areas of dental medicine. In this way you will receive an individually tailored treatment concept according to the latest standards. We are only satisfied when you leave our practice with a radiant and relaxed smile“.

Dr. Agnetha Pindur

Endodontics. periodontology. laser therapy.

„For me, high-quality dentistry means above all gentle and painless treatment and the use of the most modern technology. In my special field of endodontics (root canal treatment) I use the microscope for my work and use the latest laser technology. In this way, I can also permanently preserve teeth that are severely ill“. Dr. Agnetha Pindur specialises in endodontics and periodontology and is available to answer all your questions about aesthetic dentistry.

Dr. Viktoria Leising

Implantology. Periodontology. Laser therapy.

In my special field of surgery and implantology, today every lost or damaged tooth can be replaced by an implant using minimally invasive methods. A fixed denture means a high level of quality of life and self-confidence. Dr. Viktoria Leising specializes in implant surgery and prosthetics, holistic periodontology and is available to answer all your questions about aesthetic dentistry.

Dr. Juliane Qualen

Endodontology. Periodontology.

"I specialize in tooth preservation, especially endodontics (root canal treatment) and periodontology (gum treatment). For me, high-quality work under the microscope and with the help of a laser is essential for optimum cleaning, disinfection and control of the germs present. These modern techniques make it possible to preserve teeth that have been severely damaged".
Dr. Juliane Friederike Qualen specializes in endodontics and is always there for you in all questions of aesthetic dentistry and periodontology.

Dr. Aaron Feng

Oral surgery. Implantology. Traumatology.

Dr. Feng is a specialist in oral surgery. He studied and earned his doctorate at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main. In 2012 he passed his specialist dental examination for oral surgery. He is a specialist in oral and maxillofacial surgery and an expert in special pain therapy as well as general and special traumatology in facial surgery.

Aesthetics is no coincidence

Dr. D. Fischer-Brocks, Practice Founder


what our patients say

As a sales manager I often have customer contact, my irregular tooth position and a broken incisor were more than unpleasant for me and I caught myself more and more often either delaying or delegating appointments with new customers. A colleague then gave me the tip: Veneers. The treatment was almost painless and much more pleasant than expected, I was able to pay the treatment costs in convenient installments.

My "new" Teeth gave me back my self-confidence in one fell swoop - professionally and privately. The only thing I regret is having waited so long.
We are proud to be the official team dentist of Eintracht Frankfurt for more than 10 years and to support "our" team this way.
Dental Excellence

Dental Pratice Börse 19

Dental Excellence · Zahnarztpraxis an der Börse
Börsenstraße 19 · 60313 Frankfurt am Main
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